Singing Lessons


Are you thinking about starting singing lessons? Looking to improve your musicality, skill and confidence? Have you considered joining a choir?

When looking for singing lessons near you, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Different teachers are skilled in different techniques and styles, you may be feeling nervous about singing in front of someone else or you may simply want to just pick up a few good habits without the stress of a time-consuming commitment. If any of that sounds like you, why not consider joining a choir?

Singing Lessons

KC Community Choir is the newest project from choir leader, Kate Cameron, who is an experienced and passionate teacher in Glasgow’s south side.  Kate has taught one-to-one and group singing lessons for almost a decade and never tires of seeing the difference a little confidence and a few good habits can really make to any singer. So often, Kate meets adults who exclaim ‘Oh, I’d love to sing in a choir but I’d need to take singing lessons first! My voice isn’t strong enough but it looks like so much fun.’  KC Community Choir has come about for those reasons.

Singing lessons are a fab way to learn more about how to use your voice, how to sing without causing any damage to your vocal tract and to try singing in styles you might otherwise not attempt. They can be really beneficial and can open up the singer to be able to sing in ways they never imagined. Singing lessons are undeniably a brilliant resource but they may seem a little out of reach for some. Perhaps the thought of singing solo in front of a relative stranger is too daunting or the cost involved in one-to-one tutoring isn’t within your means? This is where joining a choir can become a fantastic option. Singing in a choir can offer all of these benefits and more. You can feel the unmistakable buzz and confidence-boosting qualities of being part of a larger crowd of singers and enjoy opportunities to try harmonies and different arrangements to songs you might already love or might never have thought to sing in a solo singing lesson.

If you’re already taking singing lessons, being part of a choir can enhance all the skills you’re already learning. It’s truly a win/win situation. Read our choir FAQ page to learn more.

As a member of KC Community Choir, you’ll benefit from the expertise and truly personal interaction with our choir leader, Kate, who thrives on knowing each and every person under her direction without exception. You’ll experience the true joy of singing as part of a group of people who simply love to create great sounds together and the confidence that comes from being part of a community. No sheet music, no auditions, no pressure – just loads of fun.

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