Choir FAQ

Who can join KC Community Choir?

You! We welcome anyone who is aged 16 and over and is keen to be part of a choir who love to sing great music in a relaxed and comfortable environment. There is no pressure to perform (although there will be opportunities) and you do not need to be able to read music (none is given out!) You will never be asked to sing solo against your will and any ‘choreography’ is kept very minimal. If you are a confident performer and aspire to take a lead solo in a song, there will be various opportunities to ‘audition’. KC Community Choir is for those who love to sing, regardless of experience or confidence. You need not worry about your perceived singing ability – singing in a relaxed choir environment is sure to bring out the very best in every voice.

What do rehearsals involve?

Each rehearsal session is 90 minutes long with a short break in the middle. You will be led through some vocal warm-ups before working on the songs. We work on at least two songs per rehearsal and learn in parts with harmony. You will never be expected to know the song (although there’s a strong chance you will be familiar with it) and you do not need to read music. KC Community Choir is taught by ear and through repetition in a very relaxed way. We are a community choir and you need not be an experienced singer, performer or previous choir member to take part. You’ll be amazed at the sound we can create!

How much does membership cost?

KC Community Choir membership costs £90 per term. There are early bird discounts available and the opportunity to pay for one session before signing up.

When does term start?

Woohoo! We are BACK in person after 18 months away. Term starts on Tuesday 18th January 2022 and runs until 29th March. Rehearsals take place in Broom Parish Church, G77 5HN 7.15-8.45pm.

Can I join at any time?

If you are interested in joining KC Community Choir, but the term is already in full swing, I may suggest you wait a week or two until the choir is starting new material so that you’re not playing catch up. ENQUIRE NOW to see when our next rehearsal is taking place. We’d love to have you! Book your taster session HERE.

What songs can I expect to sing?

There will be a huge variety of music and all arrangements will be uniquely tailored to KC Community Choir. Songs from the 1920s through present day in pop, rock, jazz, folk/traditional, and musical theatre can all be expected and will always be taught with enthusiasm and flexibility. It’s likely you’ll be amazed how a song you know well can suddenly sound completely different! No matter what style, the main aim of KC Community Choir is to make singing fun.

How are you singing safely?

We shortened our rehearsal time, increased our venue size and implemented a number of other covid safety measures for the new 2021 term. These measures remain in place in our Spring 2022 term. Please do not enter the building prior to 7pm. This is to allow appropriate time for distancing measures to be installed and sanitisation to take place. Masks must be worn at all times. Your temperature will be taken upon arrival and you will be asked to sanitise your hands. Prior to arrival, I will ask what section you think you’d prefer to sing in and you will be guided to the appropriate marked position. (Please don’t panic if you have no idea! You won’t be alone ☺️) We must remain at a distance of 2m from one another as we sing. Unfortunately at present there will be no refreshments provided and the church ask that you only drink water in the sanctuary. If you or any member of your family are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, I kindly ask that you do not attend choir.

Refund Policy

Please do not come to choir if you or anyone in your household is presenting symptoms or has tested positive. Should you be forced to miss more than one session due to COVID isolation a refund for each subsequent session will be offered to you. If the situation arises where I am forced to cancel a rehearsal or call a halt to rehearsals due to COVID restrictions, you will be given a full refund.